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Canadian Manufacturing

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EU, AstraZeneca reach deal to end vaccine delivery dispute

News September 3, 2021  
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Canadian Chamber of Commerce urges federal parties to talk critical minerals strategy

News September 2, 2021  
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Japan suspends 1.63M doses of Moderna over contamination

News August 26, 2021  
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What does full approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine mean?

News August 24, 2021  
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US regulators give full approval to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

News August 23, 2021  
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Federal government announces $7M contract for combat boots awarded to Royer of Lac-Drolet, Quebec

News August 4, 2021  
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Ontario government supplies two businesses with major PPE production contracts

News July 26, 2021  
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Canada spends another US$71M on F-35 fighter jets amid calls to cancel the purchase

News July 21, 2021  
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NFI subsidiary ARBOC supplies TTC with 110 electric buses

News July 21, 2021   News
Automotive Cleantech Energy Infrastructure TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

NFI announces order for 6 EV buses from UC Davis

News July 15, 2021   News
Automotive Cleantech Energy TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Procurement Sustainability Technology / IIoT

NFI Group announces an order of 195 BYD ADL buses from RATP Dev London

News June 16, 2021   News
Automotive Cleantech Energy TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Lion Electric to participate in Heritage-Romeo Power Fleet Electrification Program

News May 14, 2021   News
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Ontario expects 65% of adults to have first COVID 19 vaccine dose by end of May

News May 5, 2021  
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BRP opens a corporate vaccination centre in the Eastern Townships

News May 5, 2021  
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Additional restrictions coming to provinces experiencing COVID-19 spikes

News April 26, 2021  
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Inno Lifecare joins the Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers

News April 22, 2021  
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Vaccinations in Ontario’s COVID-19 hot spots to start for those 50+ in coming weeks

News April 6, 2021  
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AstraZeneca vaccine doses ready for use as Canada approves U.S. manufacturing sites

News April 1, 2021  
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Governments investing in new vaccine manufacturing plant in Toronto

News March 31, 2021  
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Beyond Medical subsidiary Micron Technologies begins sale of face masks in Walmart

News March 30, 2021  
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AstraZeneca vaccine battles troubled rollout

News March 23, 2021  
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Saskatchewan government to ship 100,000 COVID-19 rapid tests to schools across the province

News March 22, 2021  
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AstraZeneca says US trial data shows vaccine effectiveness is 79%

News March 22, 2021  
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The Valens Company enters into custom manufacturing agreement with Rubicon Organics

News March 3, 2021  
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Vitacore’s CAN99 receives Health Canada authorization for N99 equivalency

News March 2, 2021  
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Frank Rochon named first Supply Ontario CEO

News February 24, 2021  
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FDA says Johnson & Johnson 1 dose shot prevents COVID; final decision coming

News February 24, 2021  
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Merck posts a loss of $2.1B in Q4; longtime CEO Frazier to retire

News February 4, 2021  
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EU health official blasts slow vaccine delivery, now consulting with Canada

News January 27, 2021  
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Use quality and price to distinguish your manufactured products in the noisy global marketplace

News April 12, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing