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Canadian Manufacturing


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Automotive Cleantech Electronics Energy Transportation Environment Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Rock Tech Lithium joins European Battery Alliance

News May 11, 2022   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Electronics Energy Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Sales & Marketing Supply Chain

Members of Congress call out Canada for approving Neo Lithium sale to Chinese company

News February 25, 2022  
Automotive Cleantech Electronics Transportation Environment Manufacturing Supply Chain

Vision Marine’s update on E-Motion Powertrain

News February 4, 2022   News
Automotive Electronics Energy Mining & Resources Manufacturing Research & Development

Frontier Lithium finds PFS-level metallurgical results

News January 12, 2022  
Cleantech Electronics Energy Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Environment Manufacturing Research & Development Supply Chain

It’s not necessary to trash the environment to extract metals needed for renewable energy

Feature January 11, 2022  
Automotive Cleantech Electronics Mining & Resources Environment Manufacturing Sustainability

Sigma Lithium closes private placement

News December 24, 2021  
Automotive Electronics Energy Environment Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability

Engineering report gives Electra green light for battery recycling

News December 7, 2021  
Mining & Resources Environment Financing Manufacturing Sustainability

Nevada Lithium Resources announces $8 million brokered private placement

News November 14, 2021  
Energy Food & Beverage Transportation Sustainability

New rechargeable lithium battery designed for Class III lift trucks

News April 17, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & Resources Manufacturing

Quebec, First nations and Canada Lithium Corp. reach agreements on $207-million plant

News May 16, 2012