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Cleantech Sustainability

SaskPower to cut ribbon on Boundary Dam carbon capture project

News September 29, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Oil & Gas Regulation

B.C. NDP leader says LNG benefits must flow to residents

News September 25, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Environment

LNG industry in B.C. would cut pollution in China, Clark claims

News July 22, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Oil & Gas Environment

COSIA members sign new deals to cut oilsands GHG emissions

News July 9, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Environment

Wind, nuclear, natural gas seen as winners with U.S. emissions rules

News June 3, 2014   Cleantech Canada

India’s coal crunch gives impetus for solar shift

News February 28, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Sustainability

Joint U.S.-U.K. study says global warming will disrupt human society

News February 27, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Manufacturing

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture

News February 18, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Regulation

Carbon mitigation and verification come full circle with CSA partnership

News January 28, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Energy Oil & Gas Manufacturing

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance: a novel approach

News January 21, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Energy Sustainability

Alberta eyes higher carbon levy, critics call plan a smokescreen

News April 5, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Sustainability

Canadian GHG emissions on the decline: Environment Canada

News December 6, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

Environmental watchdog says Ontario backing away from climate change commitments

News December 4, 2012  
Cleantech Energy Manufacturing

More than a dozen clean tech projects to receive CCEMC funding

News October 31, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

Reality check: all carbon policies carry a price, despite Harper-Mulcair hot air

News September 18, 2012  
Energy Procurement Sustainability

Quebec’s Gaz Metro to build first public liquefied biomethane fuelling station

News August 2, 2012  
Energy Transportation Sustainability

Canada nearly half way to meeting 2020 emissions target

News July 26, 2012  
Aerospace Energy Sustainability

Feds unveil plan to reduce aviation GHG emissions

News June 4, 2012  

Don’t link emissions trading with U.S.: C.D. Howe

News August 26, 2010