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Food & Beverage Mining & Resources Environment Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability

Managing fish stocks shared by nations must focus on the impacts of climate change

Feature May 27, 2022  
Food & Beverage Public Sector Environment Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability

Why Canada shuttered some mackerel and spring herring fisheries in Qu├ębec and Atlantic Canada

Feature April 18, 2022  
Food & Beverage Mining & Resources Public Sector Environment Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Regulation Research & Development Supply Chain

Oceana Canada calling on federal government for seafood traceability

News November 2, 2021  
Infrastructure Mining & Resources Environment Manufacturing Research & Development Sustainability

Putting an end to billions in fishing subsidies could improve fish stocks and ocean health

Feature July 12, 2021   In-Depth

One fisher found dead as search teams comb southwest N.S. shores for remaining five

News December 16, 2020  
Mining & Resources Regulation

Alaska aboriginal group calls for joint study of B.C. mine safety

News February 10, 2015   Cleantech Canada
Food & Beverage Exporting & Importing

N.L. pulls support for trade deals over fisheries fund debacle

News January 20, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Regulation

N.L. premier says fishery fund negotiations done in bad faith

News December 15, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Exporting & Importing

CETA: N.L. premier reconsidering support of massive trade deal

News December 10, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Former P.E.I. lobster plant to reopen as cold storage, bioscience centre

News December 4, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & Resources Environment

Alaskans fear environmental, industrial threats from B.C. mines

News December 3, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Food & Beverage Environment

3 reported injured after collapse at Nova Scotia fish plant

News September 19, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Environment

Feds mapping B.C. ocean floor to prep for potential tanker spills

News September 8, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Food & Beverage Operations

Nova Scotia offers Dutch firm $6.2M for fish oil plant expansion

News August 19, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Manufacturing

Study finds ways to protect whales from oil and gas seismic testing

News January 20, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Operations

Workers of closed Newfoundland fish plant will have to wait for $2M

News June 26, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Operations

Newfoundland gives another $3.6M loan to seal processing plant

News March 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Potential Canada-EU trade deal should raise alarms, report claims

News January 9, 2013