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Canadian Manufacturing

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China chases ‘rejuvenation’ with control of tycoons, society

News September 8, 2021  
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According to O’Toole, Canada should be ready to weather export issues in deals with China

News March 30, 2021  
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Protected: Four ways market knowledge leads to global success

News November 29, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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Protected: Chinese currency presents growth opportunity, but Canadian companies hesitate

News November 20, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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Canada poised to grow exports in emerging markets: report

News November 20, 2012  
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Japanese automakers’ sales in China gutted over island spat

News October 5, 2012  
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Mad Cow disease found in California cow

News April 25, 2012  
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CAW calls for major changes to financial and trade policy

News April 16, 2012  
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Thai trade talks could boost $3.5 billion-a-year trade

News March 23, 2012  
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Datsun brand making a comeback

News March 21, 2012  
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Britain warns South America against new Falklands folly

News January 10, 2012  
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Bungled South Korea trade talks could cost $1 billion

News November 18, 2011  
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EDC aids $2.5M equipment deal from India

News November 7, 2011  
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WTO rules against China policy on raw materials

News July 6, 2011  
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Talking about Asia

News April 29, 2011  
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Canadian family businesses groomed for growth

News February 4, 2011  
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EU trade agreement likely in new year

News December 16, 2010  
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Electrolux closing Montreal plant

News December 15, 2010