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Clean vehicles get a boost in BC

News March 25, 2015   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Human Resources

Battery maker A123 sues Apple, claims company poaching staff

News February 19, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Environment

‘Greenest’ and ‘meanest’ vehicles of 2015 named by ACEEE

News February 5, 2015   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Environment

Chevrolet introduces redesigned Volt, all new Bolt in EV push

News January 12, 2015   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Operations

Daimler sells stake in Tesla to undisclosed buyer for US$780M

News October 22, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing

Panasonic, Tesla to build massive electric vehicle battery plant in U.S.

News July 31, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Montreal to install 80 EV charging stations

News September 13, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Energy Sustainability

Cadillac using ultrasonic welding on electric coupe battery packs

News August 2, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Energy Sustainability

Honda, GM announce next-gen fuel cell technologies partnership

News July 2, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Energy Sustainability

Nissan pulls cover off full electric, 300 km/h Le Mans race car

News June 21, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Electric vehicles must make more noise: NHTSA

News January 8, 2013  
Automotive Manufacturing

Chinese auto firm wins bankruptcy auction for U.S. battery maker

News December 10, 2012  

Ontario electric vehicle drivers to get $1,000 incentive

News December 6, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

Hydro-Québec, Plug’nDrive Ontario looking to implementing Québec-Ontario public charging infrastructure

News September 14, 2012  
Energy Operations Sustainability

Electric, alternative fuels vehicle market could benefit from new fuel economy standards: report

News August 31, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

Comparing ROI shows high costs putting brakes on electric vehicle market

News August 27, 2012  
Energy Sustainability

New charging station puts CAA SCO on electric vehicle grid

News August 23, 2012  
Energy Operations Procurement Sustainability

Quebec tech firms to develop electric vehicle exchange program

News July 26, 2012  
Energy Procurement

Electric car charging network gets $200 million in financing

News November 14, 2011  
Energy Manufacturing

Manitoba signs clean energy deal with Mitsubishi

News December 21, 2010  
Energy Infrastructure Manufacturing

Utilities brace for EV takeoffs

News December 3, 2010