Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

Infrastructure Public Sector Operations Regulation

SNC-Lavalin hit with fraud, corruption charges

News February 19, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Public Sector Operations Regulation

Petrobas CEO, 5 other execs resign amid raging scandal

News February 5, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Public Sector Procurement

Ottawa’s anti-corruption rules threaten economy, study claims

News November 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Infrastructure Operations

Former SNC-Lavalin exec Ben Aissa pleads guilty in Switzerland

News October 2, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin hires new compliance officer to lead ethics efforts

News February 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin, WSP athorized to bid on public contracts in Quebec

News February 5, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Infrastructure Operations Procurement

Federal government comes up for first time in Quebec corruption inquiry

News September 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Operations Procurement

Back from break, Quebec corruption inquiry to look at unions

News September 3, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Oil & Gas Manufacturing

SNC Lavalin acknowledges UAE project was cover for agent payments

News June 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Operations

Prosecutors raid South Korea’s nuclear operator

News June 20, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

SNC-Lavalin hopes Algeria police raid will shed light on wrongdoing

News June 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Former SNC-Lavalin CEO arrested

News November 28, 2012  
Aerospace Manufacturing

Former Finmeccanica chief arrested in corruption probe

News October 23, 2012  

Ex-SNC-Lavalin executive arrested in Switzerland

News April 30, 2012