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Canadian Manufacturing


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Study shows immigrant workers stuck in precarious jobs after mass layoffs

News June 26, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Environment Sustainability

Union-owned wind turbine up and running in southwestern Ont.

News March 26, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Food & Beverage Operations

Federal budget must focus on jobs, not cutbacks: CAW

News March 21, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

CAW, GM engage in early contract talks for CAMI workforce

News March 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

CAW lauds federal auto sector fund, calls for industry strategy

News January 8, 2013  
Operations Procurement

With Camaro out of Canada, questions abound for parts makers

News December 20, 2012  

Job creation strategies must tackle youth unemployment: CAW

News December 7, 2012  
Automotive Manufacturing

Emboldened companies, fed intervention will make 2013 a tough year for labour

News December 3, 2012  
Energy Transportation Exporting & Importing Operations

WTO rules against Ontario’s green energy policies: reports

News November 19, 2012  

CAW-CEP mega-union to hold founding convention Labour Day weekend

News November 13, 2012  
Energy Operations Sustainability

Impending super union heads urge feds, Ontario to protect Green Energy Act

News October 19, 2012  

CEP votes massively in favour of ‘superunion’ merger with CAW

News October 15, 2012  
Energy Manufacturing

Unions endorse mass sit-in against tar sands pipelines, tankers on B.C. coast

News September 27, 2012  

CAW says auto talks have picked up pace, but yielded little results so far

News September 12, 2012  

Autoworkers vote to strike if talks with Big Three falter: CAW

News August 27, 2012  

CAW opens negotiations with GM, Chrysler and Ford

News August 13, 2012  
Automotive Operations

Laid-off auto workers facing financial, emotional challenges: CAW

News July 12, 2012  
Automotive Exporting & Importing

CAW calls for major changes to financial and trade policy

News April 16, 2012  

700 Bombardier workers on strike

News August 10, 2011  

Ontario stays the course

News March 30, 2011  
Operations Research & Development

Re-thinking innovation in Canada

News January 18, 2011  

Huge employment gains for Canadian economy

News January 7, 2011  

Canada’s biggest strikes

News November 10, 2010