Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


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Public Sector Financing Operations Regulation

Detroit bankruptcy trial has begun

News September 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Financing Operations Supply Chain

Saab saviour Nevs facing financial frustration

News August 13, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Public Sector Transportation Supply Chain

Shipping giant Genco exits bankruptcy

News July 10, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Public Sector Financing Regulation

Detroit bankruptcy plan hinges on votes from pensioners, workers

News June 20, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Embattled U.S. chemical firm W.R. Grace emerges from bankruptcy

News February 4, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Detroit can cut pensions and skip debts in epic $18B bankruptcy

News December 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Governor, emergency manager to testify in Detroit bankruptcy trial

News October 28, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Oil & Gas Transportation Operations Supply Chain

Rail firm at centre of Lac-Megantic disaster claims bankruptcy

News August 7, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing

Did the auto sector’s fall drag Detroit into bankruptcy?

News July 19, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Detroit files for bankrupcy

News July 19, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Financing Operations Procurement

Embattled Kodak commits to keeping some operations in NY state

News June 20, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Energy Operations Procurement

Battery maker Exide Technologies seeks bankruptcy protection

News June 10, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing

Chinese auto firm wins bankruptcy auction for U.S. battery maker

News December 10, 2012  
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Hostess to seek approval for $1.8M in executive bonuses, liquidation plan

News November 29, 2012  

Tiercel acquires assets from bankrupted plow-maker SnowBear

News June 28, 2012  

Arctic Glacier gets saviour deal

News June 8, 2012  
Aerospace Manufacturing

Another Kansas plane maker seeks bankruptcy protection

News May 8, 2012  
Aerospace Manufacturing

American Airlines looks to cancel union contracts in bankruptcy flap

News April 24, 2012  

Air Canada announces RFP to replace Aveos work

News March 23, 2012  

Kodak Co. wants to cut health care for 16,000 retirees

News February 28, 2012  

USW blames BMO for Infinity Rubber lockout

News January 27, 2012  
Supply Chain

Manufacturing on the verge of an investment boom

News February 3, 2011