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Six Canadian cleantech companies receive federal funding

by CM Staff   

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The $19.1-million SDTC funding will help the firms develop and grow their cleantech innovations for climate solutions.

Six Canadian cleantech companies are getting a combined $19.1 million from the federal government through Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

SDTC’s funding aims to help entrepreneurs develop and deploy cleantech innovations, promotes the development of a robust Canadian cleantech market and builds the economy for the post-pandemic future. SDTC catalyzes innovation at every stage, from seed to scale-up.

Two companies are graduates of SDTC’s Seed Fund for early-stage entrepreneurs: Solid State of Mind Inc., in Montreal, receives $520,000 to build software to reduce the amount of data required to train and retrain artificial intelligence object detection models; and Flash Forest Inc., in Toronto, receives $1.7 million to develop a drone-based, rapid reforestation system that is adaptable to many different environmental conditions and difficult-to-access sites, reducing reforestation costs and time.

Two companies are start-ups receiving support to further develop their innovations: Eavor Technologies Inc., in Calgary, receives $4.3 million to develop Eavor-Loop 2.0, the first scalable form of clean baseload power; and HaiLa Technologies Inc., in Montreal, receives $3 million to develop an ultra-low energy communication chip for wireless sensors operating in a Wi-Fi environment.

And two companies are receiving scale-up investments to take their business through early commercialization and market leadership: Giatec Scientific Inc., in Ottawa, receives $5.1 million to add additional sensing technologies to monitor concrete performance in its preparation, delivery and use; and Questor Technology Inc., in Calgary, receives $4.5 million to develop a family of high-efficiency systems to convert waste heat into power.

SDTC is an independent federal foundation that funds companies with the potential to become world leaders in environmental technologies and to help solve some of the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges, such as climate change and polluted air, water and soil. The government says that SDTC-supported companies have generated $2.8 billion in annual revenues and created 16,930 jobs.


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