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Renewable systems being developed for medical marijuana growers

NovoFuel, Genport teaming up to develop industry-specific off-grid renewable energy systems

May 1, 2014  by Cleantech Canada Staff

PHILADELPHIA—The medical marijuana industry is going green.

As licenced cannabis cultivation continues to expand in Canada and the United States, a pair of firms are teaming up to develop renewable energy solutions for growers in both countries.

NovoFuel, Inc. and Italian clean tech firm Genport, srl are together developing a range of renewable energy systems designed specifically for use by medical marijuana producers.

According to NovoFuel, the companies have selected a medical marijuana grow operation in Michigan—one of 21 U.S. states to legalize medical marijuana—and and plan to use microgrid modeling tools to determine the optimal configuration of off-grid renewable energy systems for cannabis cultivation, supplementing and reducing the reliance on local grid power.


The Michigan operation will see the team test a host of renewable technologies, including wind and solar power systems, hydrogen fuel cells, large format lithium-ion batteries, and a real-time microgrid management and control system.

The goal is to build a cost-effective configuration of renewable components customized for the Michigan operation that can be used as a “plug-and-play” pilot that can be adapted for use in other locations.

NovoFuel said the approach is also ideal for farming, where the required power and energy can be provided totally off-grid, with a “greatly reduced” life-cycle cost over a 20-year period.

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