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Quebec plans to put 100,000 electric or hybrid vehicles on the road by 2020

by Cleantech Canada Staff   

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Province to invest $420 million in electric vehicle initiatives

MONTREAL—Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard, has unveiled a plan to greatly boost the use of electric cars across Canada’s largest province.

Already a region with one of the most advanced electric networks in the world—supported environmentally by its significant hydroelectric capacity—the Quebec government will invest $420 million in electric vehicle subsidies, charging stations and on-road perks for EV drivers over the next five years as part of its Plan d’action en électrification des transports.

Already providing subsidies of up to $8,000 to all-electric vehicle owners, $500 for hybrids and $1,000 for low-speed electrics, the government will continue to encourage EV use across Quebec. The province’s ever-increasing charging network and fast-charge stations in particular, make it more convenient for drivers to travel between cities in EVs.

Responding to the announcement the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association said Quebec the policies will impact the selection and availability of vehicles for sale in Quebec. While the organization noted it supports efforts to expand EV use, it said decisions should be made collaboratively, something that would help accelerate the adoption of EVs in Quebec.


Meanwhile, the province’s largest public charging network, the Electric Circuit, commissioned its latest fast-charge station Mont-Joli late last week, adding to its quickly-growing electrified network.


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