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New rechargeable lithium battery designed for Class III lift trucks

by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff   

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Offers longer life, requires less maintenance compared to their lead-acid counterparts

ESCONDIDO, Calif—Flux Power Holdings Inc. today released a rechargeable lithium battery designed to power Class III lift trucks.

Sized to fit battery enclosures from a broad range of manufacturers, the Lift Pack 250Ahe-24V—the first in its product line—is based on soft-packed, electrolyte-starved LifePO4 rechargeable pouch cell technology.

“The Lift Pack product line lasts much longer than a typical lead-acid battery, which means fewer battery replacements are needed over the life of the equipment, resulting in a much reduced cost of ownership for our customers,” said Chris Anthony, chief executive officer of Flux Power.

It also requires less maintenance than their lead-acid counterparts.


“Our battery pack is also equipped with a dripless sealed cell technology that eliminates acid exposure and the threat of damage to the facility, the equipment and the staff. As a result, watering batteries is a thing of the past…The time once spent servicing batteries can be redirected to other critical tasks, increasing our customer’s productivity and reducing maintenance costs,” he added.

The company says the battery’s efficiency is a result of an embedded monitoring tool dubbed the Battery Management System, which continuously keeps tabs on cell voltage, temperature and balance. It enables the battery to deliver more than 2,000 cycles at 80 per cent depth of discharge.

The Lift Pack is slated to be tested in units at a food and beverage distribution centre.


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