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Bullfrog Power offering ‘cleaner transportation’ with launch of green fuel

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TD Bank and Beck Taxi lead the way as early adopters of company's green fuel

TORONTO— Bullfrog Power, a Canadian green energy provider, is launching a new solution to help advance the shift to a more renewably-powered transportation system.

Bullfrog’s green fuel is an earth-friendly, renewable alternative to liquid fossil fuel, allowing climate-conscious businesses in Canada to reduce the environmental impact of their transportation.

“Now in our tenth year, Bullfrog continues to innovate in the energy landscape, finding new ways to give Canadians access to smarter, greener energy solutions,” Ron Seftel, CEO of Bullfrog Power said. “With Bullfrog Power’s green fuel, businesses now have an easy way to address their transportation-related emissions.”

Between Bullfrog’s green electricity, green natural gas, and now green fuel, Bullfrog continues to harness and build the demand of the voluntary market for cleaner energy products. With the introduction of green fuel to the market, the company says it is providing much-needed funding that can help biofuel producers grow their business at a critical stage for their industry. For the launch of green fuel, Bullfrog is sourcing biodiesel from producers that repurpose waste streams such as cooking oils from restaurants and kitchen facilities.

Conventional transportation fuel-gasoline, diesel or jet fuel-is made from petroleum. Alternatively, Bullfrog says businesses that choose to use the company’s green products for their transportation are helping to “green” the Canadian fuel system, litre-by-litre, by reducing the pervasiveness of petroleum products.

“By investing in Bullfrog Power’s green fuel, TD is investing in a new, cleaner energy source and helping to raise awareness of biofuel as a sound, low-carbon alternative to traditional, fossil fuel-based transportation fuel,” Karen Clarke-Whistler, chief environment officer at TD, said.

Joining TD as one of the first customers of Bullfrog’s green fuel is Toronto’s Beck Taxi. In addition, major environmental NGOs, including WWF Canada have endorsed the company’s green fuel as a way to green transportation fuels while avoiding food-versus-fuel conflicts.


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