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Air Canada announces first ever biofuel flight

by Canadian Manufacturing Daily Staff   

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Flight expected to reduce emissions 40 per cent thanks to recycled cooking oil blend

Montreal—In a bid to showcase its commitment to the environment, Air Canada announced the operation of its first ever biofuel-powered flight.

Using a jet fuel derived from recycled cooking oil, flight AC991 from Toronto to Mexico City is expected to generate more than 40 per cent fewer emissions, according to the airline.

The flight will be a normal revenue flight operated with an Airbus A319 aircraft using a 50/50 blend of regular and biofuel.

Produced by SkyNRG, the blend has been recertified to normal jet fuel standards and can be used without modifying the aircraft’s systems, according to Air Canada.


In association with aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the flight is part of an environmental demonstration by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) planned to coincide with the Rio +20 United Nations conference on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Air Canada has become 30 per cent more fuel efficient since 1990, according to a statement released by the company.


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