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U.S. Steel Canada gains court approval to sell assets

The steelmaker has been looking for approval to pursue a sale since September 2014

April 10, 2015  by Canadian Staff

HAMILTON, Ont.—U. S. Steel Canada Inc. has been authorized by the the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to seek a buyer for it’s Hamilton Works and Lake Erie Works steel production operations.

The steelmaker has been looking for approval to pursue a sale since September 2014.

U.S. Steel has been a controversial figure in the Canadian industrial segment since it acquired Canadian steel maker Stelco Inc. for $1.9 billion in August 2007.

In addition to the currently operating assets, U.S. Steel assets include certain idled production equipment which could be restarted, including:

  • 813 acres of property located on Hamilton Harbour in Hamilton, Ont., and coke ovens, assets used for ironmaking, steelmaking and finishing, and other operating assets and business operations located in the Hamilton Works location
  • 6,600 acres of property in Nanticoke, Ont., coke ovens, assets used for ironmaking and steelmaking, hot-rolling, pickling, and other operating assets and business operations at its Lake Erie Works

The sale and restructuring/recapitalization process (SARP) will consist of two phases. In Phase 1, parties who have entered into a non-disclosure agreement will be allowed to submit a non-binding letter of interest by May 20, 2015 offering to acquire all, substantially all or a portion of the Property, or make an investment in, restructure, reorganize or refinance the Business.

As outlined in the SARP Order, parties that have submitted Qualified LOIs, have a bona fide interest in completing a sale proposal or investment proposal with USSC and have the financial capability to consummate such a transaction may be invited to participate in Phase 2 of the SARP, which will include detailed due diligence and access to a confidential data room.

Parties who wish to participate in the SARP process should contact U.S. Steel’s Financial Advisor at to receive an NDA.
Full details of the SARP can be found in the SARP Order on the Ernst & Young Inc. Restructuring Document Centre: under the “SARP Materials” tab.
U.S. Steel Canada must continue to carry on business as usual while it develops and implements comprehensive restructuring solutions. Ernst & Young Inc., as the Court-appointed Monitor continues to oversee the business and financial affairs of the company during the CCAA process.