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Congebec expands for the food supply chain

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Congebec Inc. announced the construction of a large expansion of its Mississauga facility

Congebec Toronto Expansion Ground Breaking Ceremony, May 3, 2021 (CNW Group/Congebec Inc.)

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — In order to build its presence in Toronto and increase its pan-Canadian development in temperature-controlled food storage and distribution, Congebec Inc. announced the construction of a large expansion of its Mississauga facility.

To further assist in saving energy and reducing power usage, this facility will be equipped with power conditioning; an electric energy saving system to filter and optimize power quality and maximize energy savings. This will allow the Mississauga facility to avoid blackouts and will provide Congebec with a more reliable operation.

To protect new equipment and increase power quality, capacity banks will be installed on our transformer. Additionally, a dehumidification system will be installed for the office space, therefore increasing employee well-being.

“We aim to continue our mission to connect food to the world by working to feature innovative and energy efficient operations in our facilities, therefore aligning with our values and our sustainable development initiatives,” said Nicholas Pedneault, President & CEO of Congebec in a statement. “Our modern construction in Toronto will ensure high-quality and safe food products to our customers and to consumers.”


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