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Businesses should reduce their transportation-related emissions, says survey

by Canadian Staff   

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The data comes from the 2016 Sustainable Business Attitudes Survey from green energy provider Bullfrog Power

TORONTO—Many Canadians think businesses should take action to reduce their transportation-related emissions and that the use of environmentally-friendly transportation, such as electric or hybrid vehicles or using green fuels like biodiesel, would be important in their decision to recommend a business.

These are some results from the 2016 Sustainable Business Attitudes Survey, which was commissioned by Bullfrog Power and performed by Environics Research.

The survey reports that 56 per cent said it was “very important” and 34 per cent said “somewhat important” that businesses using vehicles, such as company cars, delivery trucks or long-distance tractor trailers, make efforts to reduce emissions from those sources.

The survey also found that 82 per cent of Canadians felt that the use of environmentally-friendly technology would be important in their decision to recommend a business.

“It’s encouraging that so many Canadians understand that businesses need to take action on the environment. But until recently, businesses had few options with respect to reducing their transportation emissions,” said Ron Seftel, Chief Executive Officer, Bullfrog Power. “With the addition of Bullfrog Power’s green fuel, we can now offer businesses a comprehensive suite of green energy products to address all of their energy impacts in a meaningful and effective way.”

Bullfrog Power sources biodiesel from producers that repurpose waste streams from food and feed manufacturing and used cooking oils from restaurants and kitchen facilities and injects it into the Canadian fuel system on its customers behalf, displacing conventional fossil fuel.


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