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Important notice for SCMA members currently receiving PurchasingB2B magazine

As of May 31, 2014, you will need to indicate that you wish to continue to receive PurchasingB2B magazine. In the past it was delivered automatically to all members of PMAC. Now, with the change to SCMA, we are asking all members to sign up for the supply chain magazines they wish to receive. This will allow us to ensure we are sending it to the correct subscriber base. You can continue your subscription to PurchasingB2B, and you now have the choice of getting it as well as MM&D and/or Canadian Shipper magazines.

Message from Cheryl Paradowski, President and Chief Executive Officer, Supply Chain Management Association –

SCMA is always looking for opportunities to add value for our members, and with the help of our partner publications PurchasingB2B, MM&D, and Canadian Shipper , we are now able to offer SCMA members access to not one, but three supply chain-related publications, allowing you to customize your selection to access the content that will be the most relevant to you. Below you’ll find a brief description of the three publications and links to their complimentary subscription pages. Pick one, pick two, pick all three if your industry and job responsibilities qualify you based on the subscription questions – we are committed to bringing you the current thinking in all aspects of supply chain management in order to meet your information needs.

PurchasingB2B magazine –

PurchasingB2B provides leadership to Canadian procurement and supply chain management professionals within the private and public sectors through delivering quality industry news, analysis and best practice information. We support the supply chain community by providing multiple channels and thought leadership opportunities for our readers, association partners, and suppliers to connect and share their expertise and knowledge.

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