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Weatherhaven awards subcontract: lighting for new Canadian military tents

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Tent manufacturer Weatherhaven Global Resources Ltd. was awarded a $168 million contract from the federal government in February to provide the military with new tents, and has now awarded a $19.2 million contract to provide lighting for these tents to LED Smart Inc.

The Headquarters Shelter System program will require a minimum of 6,800 tactical lighting fixtures, 1,700 switch assemblies and 1,700 lighting control panels. PHOTO: National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

ABBOTSFORD, B.C.—Vancouver-based tent manufacturer Weatherhaven Global Resources Ltd. has taken another step towards fulfilling its commitment to the Government of Canada to provide a new portable shelter system for the Canadian military.

The federal government announced in February that it was awarding Weatherhaven with two contracts valued at $168 million, one to provide new tents and related equipment and another to provide five years of in-service support. The Headquarters Shelter System (HQSS) is scheduled be delivered by 2021.

To this extent, Weatherhaven as selected Edmonton’s LED Smart Inc. to provide specialized tactical lighting systems for the new tents.

The HQSS program will require a minimum of 6,800 tactical lighting fixtures, 1,700 switch assemblies and 1,700 lighting control panels.


The $19.2 million sub-contract to LED Smart will be for five years and will include design, engineering, manufacturing and integrated logistics support.

“Weatherhaven selected LED Smart because of the superior design of their LED lighting products, competitive pricing and their commitment to providing industrial and technological benefits to Canada,” said Ray Castelli, CEO of Weatherhaven.

Castelli continued, “We believe these energy-efficient lighting systems to be among the best in the world and that they represent significant export potential for Canada.”

The agreement with LED Smart presents the possibility of orders for an additional $4.9 million of the same lighting equipment, and there is a potential for 20 years of in-service support in a series of four, five-year optional contracts as well.

Weatherhaven’s contract with the feds also presents the opportunity for purchases of further shelters and in-service support, and if fully exercised it could be valued at $350 million.

Weatherhaven says the HQSS will include a number of innovative features focused on modularity, speed of deployment, re-use, durability and efficiency.


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