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Seeing Is Believing with Loctite

The iconic adhesive brand is hitting the road this summer, travelling across North America in a tricked-out demo truck to showcase how adhesives can optimize design and repair bonding applications

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The “Seeing Is Believing Tour” promises fun, dramatic product demonstrations unlike any that visitors have seen before, all to showcase the powerful benefits of Loctite’s work. PHOTO: Henkel Canada

—Sponsored article by Henkel Canada Corp.

Loctite is hitting the road this summer.

The Loctite brand “Seeing Is Believing Tour”, featuring a 48-foot demo trailer and truck, will be bringing Loctite product demonstrations to customers and distributors across North America.

This initiative takes the company back to its roots. The first Loctite mobile lab was launched in 1955, and to this day, product demonstrations remain the most powerful selling tool for the Loctite industrial brand.

The goal of the roadshow is to to build awareness of Loctite’s innovative new products, through engagement with design engineers, plant maintenance professionals, buyers, distributors and customers.

The roadshow will serve to educate users on core products like instant and light-cure adhesives.

Loctite training expertise will also be on display, as brand experts staff the truck to provide application guidance and answer questions.

Parent company Henkel Corporation promises fun, dramatic product demonstrations on board the “Seeing Is Believing” truck, demos unlike any that visitors have seen before, all to showcase the powerful benefits of Loctite’s work:

  • The Big Bang: Loctite puts its products’ bond strength to a strict test with a special demonstration. Can they handle a force higher than 12,000 pounds per square inch?
  • Bond Gallery: Try out the porch swing that is affixed to the truck ceiling with Loctite adhesive products, and see how much weight it can hold.
  • Punching Bag: Visitors are invited to give Loctite’s big punching bag a try. Which will tire out first – the puncher, or the Loctite adhesive holding it up?
  • Slap Shot Competition: Hockey amateurs get a chance to show off their shooting skills, as they try to break apart pucks that Loctite has cut into two and bonded back together with its adhesive products. Fastest slap shots will win prizes.
  • Stair Stepper: Stay fit while learning how strong Loctite Threadlocker is under side-sliding forces with this elliptical exercise machine.
  • Twist and Shear: This rotational shear test will show the strength of Loctite substrate bonding under severe tension as attendees test their strength.

Visitors can also view a mix of tabletop demonstrations that showcase the advantages of working with the Loctite brand.

David Carbone, Channel Development Manager, who served as the project manager on not only the construction of the truck and trailer, but also the Tour itself, had this to say about the project:

“This is an important event for the Loctite brand. This mobile marketing experience is an important step for our marketing effort going forward. The demos are really innovative, giving customers an opportunity to see the differences our products can make in their applications.”

The Loctite “Seeing Is Believing Tour” will be visiting Honda Indy Toronto from July 13 to 15. Come see it for yourself!

Click here to see where the “Seeing Is Believing Tour” is planned to stop, or to meet Loctite’s team of adhesive experts, contact Henkel.

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