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Seakeeper anti-roll gyro now available through Wajax in Canada

Wajax appointed as the exclusive dealer of Seakeeper products in Canada

July 16, 2020  by CM Staff

PHOTO: Wajax

TORONTO — Wajax, an industrial products and services provider, announced their recent partnership with Seakeeper, Inc., a manufacturer of gyroscopic stabilization devices for marine vessels over 23 feet in length.

This new agreement appoints Wajax as the exclusive dealer of Seakeeper products in Canada, with the exception of B.C.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Wajax as a Seakeeper distributor and are very confident they’re the right team to represent us in the Canadian marine market,” said Seakeeper president & CEO Andrew Semprevivo in a statement. “With a national footprint and a solid history of industry experience, Wajax is well positioned to meet the unique needs of Canadian boaters.”

According to a company statement, Seakeeper’s technology eliminates up to 95% of all boat roll, the rocking motion that causes seasickness. The company goes on to explain that inside a vacuum encapsulation, a flywheel spins at speeds of up to 9,750 rpm. When the boat rolls, the sphere tilts fore and aft (precesses), producing a powerful gyroscopictorque to port and starboard that counteracts the boat roll.


“Not only does Seakeeper add to the enjoyment of boating, but more importantly to increased safety by decreasing boat roll, allowing boaters and workers to remain on the water for a longer period of time,” said Stephen Pechkoff, Wajax regional sales manager – engines & transmissions, in a prepared statement. “The beauty of Seakeeper’s products is how effective they are –seeing truly is believing.”

Seakeeper products are designed to work under many conditions on the water, both while a boat is docked and while it is in motion, according to the company.