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Training on infection control during healthcare construction and renovation projects

2017 edition of standard is important to manufacturers providing materials, systems and products to healthcare facilities

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One of the keys to a healthy hospital is keeping the bugs at bay. Manufacturers—who often supply products, systems and materials to healthcare facilities—have an important role to play. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi that would give little trouble to a healthy person can be fatal to someone who is already weakened by age, disease, or another condition.

Over the past two decades we have learned more about the danger of infection from hospital construction, renovation, and maintenance activities, and Canada has led the way in standards to protect patients from these hazards.

Since it was first published in 2003, CSA Z317.13 Infection Control during Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities has revolutionized work practices in and around health care facilities. As with every Canadian standard, it has to be periodically reviewed and updated, and this is especially important in a field that is evolving as quickly as this one.

The latest edition of Z317.13 was released in January of 2017, and although it keeps to the philosophies of the previous editions, it includes a number of changes and improvements—many inspired by questions and suggestions from users of the previous edition. The current edition includes the following changes from the 2012 edition:

• New and revised requirements for cleaning of construction sites and building components, both during and after construction
• Expanded new requirements for wall materials and design in areas subject to moisture
• Updated requirements for monitors and alarms to maintain relative pressurization at construction sites
• Revision of clauses on the use of the building’s HVAC system for air supply to construction areas
• Revised requirements for cleaning and testing of construction air handling units (CAHUs) between uses
• New requirements to prevent contamination of water systems during construction activities
• Additional requirements around orientation and training of personnel working on construction sites
• Additional information on roles and responsibilities of infection prevention and control personnel and the MDT
• New and revised requirements for post-construction evaluation and documentation
• Reorganization of the existing annexes, and creation of new informative annexes to provide sample checklists and additional guidance

Of course, having the standard is just one piece of the safety puzzle. Ensuring those involved in the construction and/or renovation of health care facilities can effectively navigate the new sections of the standard as well as understand the latest developments and requirements, is the missing piece. This can be accomplished through training based on the standard.

Training not only highlights the unique challenges that these types of construction and renovation projects present but helps to ensure they’re carried out as efficiently as possible right from the start, providing a competitive edge to construction companies bidding on health care facilities projects.

Two days of training provides progressive knowledge and current information critical to getting the job done right:

Fundamentals of Infection Control during Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities
This course remains very similar to its predecessor except that it has been updated to include all of the 2017 information in the standard.

Effective Implementation and Practical Applications of Infection Control During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities
Completely updated to reflect the 2017 edition, this course takes participants further into the standard using case studies and practical discussions on appropriate actions.

“Our aim is to ensure that participants understand the standard before learning how to apply it”, states Ethel Zammit, CSA Group Product Manager, “and our faculty are leading experts in the field in Canada bringing years of experience and an incredible depth of knowledge to the classroom setting.”

The brand new edition of Z317.13, and the in-depth training, will go a long way to protecting people who visit and work in health care buildings for decades to come.

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