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PaiGE Growth signs MOU with vertical farmer CubicFarm

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Pond Technologies subsidiary will study the effectiveness of applying vertical farming systems to grow vegetables

A look inside Pond’s bioreactor. PHOTO: Rodney Daw

CALGARY — PaiGE Growth Technologies Inc. entered into MOU with CubicFarm Systems Corp. in Langley, BC to study the effectiveness of combining vertical farming systems with its technology.

If successful, the partners will provide an efficient, modular and readily deployable system to grow vegetables or plants using the latest advances in precision agriculture and vertical farming.

The CubicFarms platform consists of a containerized, automated and environment-controlled system where trays of high-value crops like leafy vegetables and herbs follow a patented, undulating path that ensures ideal growing conditions.

PaiGE Growth Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Pond Technologies Holdings Inc.


Pond, based in Markham, Ont., has developed a growth platform for algae and terrestrial plants using proprietary lighting, controls and artificial intelligence, The technology enables industrial emitters to generate new revenue streams from the transformation of underutilized CO2 to valuable algae-based products, such as protein for animal feed and nutraceutical products for human consumption.

Pond has granted PaiGE an exclusive license for the application and further advancement of this technology for terrestrial plants.

PaiGE and CubicFarms plan to conduct a multi-phase study to test improvements resulting from retrofitting the CubicFarms system with PaiGE technology. Each phase will compare plant growth and resources in a growth cube against a standard unit – first incorporating proprietary lighting, then sensors, and finally a precision nutrient and water dosing system.

In each phase, PaiGE shall provide the engineering design, coordinate equipment manufacturing and installation, and run and assess trials.

If the trials prove successful, CubicFarms will pay PaiGE licensing fees for its technology. PaiGE shall retain intellectual property developed by it throughout the joint project.


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