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Northstar completes liquid asphalt R&D testing with manufacturers

by CM staff   

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Northstar's liquid asphalt was R&D tested in 2022 by shingle and flat roof manufacturers for its suitability in asphalt shingle and flat roof manufacturing

VANCOUVER — Northstar Clean Technologies Inc., announce that several domestic and international asphalt shingle and flat roofing manufacturers (collectively, the “manufacturers”) have completed their detailed research and development (R&D) testing of Northstar’s liquid asphalt for use in asphalt shingles and flat roofing systems. As such, they will now commence product manufacturing and quality testing with Northstar’s liquid asphalt.

Manufacturing testing will test both the suitability of Northstar’s liquid asphalt in the Manufacturers’ production process, and the quality of the final products made using Northstar’s liquid asphalt.

The company will continue to produce its liquid asphalt for manufacturing testing at Northstar’s asphalt shingle reprocessing facility in Delta, British Columbia (Empower Pilot Facility). Delivery of manufacturing test volume will therefore be the focus of the Empower Pilot Facility until Q3 2023.

“We believe Northstar’s liquid asphalt is suitable for three sectors: paving, shingle manufacturing and flat roof manufacturing,” said Aidan Mills, President & CEO and Director of Northstar. “The positive results of this R&D testing, carried out by several sophisticated Manufacturers is very encouraging, suggesting similar applicability of Northstar’s liquid asphalt to both shingle and flat roof manufacturing furthering the circular economy for our asphalt. This is another milestone for Northstar in the commercialization of our asphalt product in our target market sectors, as successful product testing will advance the potential development of long-term commercial agreements.”



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