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Canadian youth the most impacted by pandemic lockdown: poll

51% worry job will disappear, mental health the most affected, study finds

June 3, 2020  by CM Staff

According to a poll by Abacus Research, commissioned by World Vision, Canadian youth say they feel more affected by the COVID-19 lockdown than other generations. (PHOTO: World Vision Canada)

MISSISSAUGA – A new poll of Canadians released June 3 by Abacus Research finds that young Canadians are feeling the greatest immediate effects of COVID-19 compared with other age groups.

The Abacus survey, commissioned by World Vision, explored a variety of Canadian pandemic perspectives including the impact on mental health, personal relationships, job security and outlook for the future.

“I would say in the last couple of months I felt a little bit vulnerable to be honest because it’s such a new situation,” said Sonia, a student at Western University who recently participated in a World Vision video project aimed at sharing Canadian youth perspectives and building global solidarity. “You just start to feel a little bit isolated or overwhelmed. But I’m also definitely a little bit hopeful that we’re able to grow from this and come out stronger.”


  • More than half of young Canadians (51%) worry their job could disappear.
  • 31% of young Canadians feel their emotional and mental health has been affected more than others, highest of any age group.
  • 66% of young Canadians worry about the impact of the pandemic on social cohesion in Canada, the most of any age group.
  • 64% of young Canadians think about the impact of the pandemic on people in poor countries, highest of any generation.
  • 32% of young Canadians feel they have more hope for the future than others, highest of any age group.