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Bio-based industrial lubricants to be made with Canadian content

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Succinic acid produced in Ontario being sent to Europe to be used in development of bio-based industrial lubricants

SARNIA, Ont.—Bio-based succinic acid produced at a southwestern Ontario plant will soon be shipped to Europe to be used in the development and production of bio-based industrial lubricants.

Announced by BioAmber Inc., the five-year deal will see an undisclosed amount of succinic acid shipped from BioAmber Sarnia Inc. to Oleon NV as it works on a new line of succinic acid-based lubricants.

BioAmber Sarnia is a joint venture between Minneapolis-based BioAmber and Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

“Oleon’s new line of lubricants is a great example of the value and differentiation that bio-based succinic acid can bring in technically challenging applications,” BioAmber chief executive Jean-Francois Huc said in a statement. “Our work with Oleon, an innovator in oleochemicals, is helping to drive adoption of new, succinic acid based solutions in the industrial segment of the lubricants market.”


Oleon, a division of French biodiesel firmSofiproteol, is a leading producer of oleochemicals—oil derived chemicals—in Europe, and is currently developing a new line of succinic acid based lubricants that aim to be 100 per cent carbon renewable.

The company is combining bio-succinic acid and bio-based alcohols to produce a new line of lubricants for industrial applications that require high performance, biodegradability and renewable content.

“This agreement highlights the importance of collaboration to accelerate innovation in the oleochemical industry,” said Moussa Naciri, Oleon’s chief executive. “We believe that working with sustainable chemical companies such as BioAmber brings fresh ideas and new products offering unique combinations of performance and sustainability for our industry.”

Produced using corn-derived feedstock, succinic acid is used to manufacture paints, plastics, resins, de-icers, pharmaceuticals, solvents, food additives, fabrics and cosmetics.

The plant in Sarnia is expected to be completed in early 2015 and will have an initial capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year.


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