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UL’s Toronto lab approved for NOx testing by California pollution agency

The South Coast Air Quality Management District has given Underwriters’ Laboratories Of Canada the authority to test gas appliances for nitrous oxides before they are exported to California

March 30, 2017  by Cleantech Canada Staff

TORONTO—Underwriters’ Laboratories Of Canada (UL), a global safety science organization, announced Mar. 30 that the company’s Toronto-based testing facility is preparing to administer nitrous oxide emissions tests for gas appliances like furnaces, water heaters and boilers.

Nitrous oxides (NOx), generated by transportation, industry and agriculture, are classified as greenhouse gases and pollutants detrimental to air quality by environmental regulatory organizations around the world.

UL’s Toronto facility has been approved for NOx testing by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

SCAQMD is a localized air pollution control agency responsible for L.A. and the surrounding counties. The organization’s Laboratory Approval Program gives independent labs the power to test gas appliances for NOx to SCAQMD standards, at which point the appliance is given a permit for sale in SCAQMD’s jurisdiction.


For Canadian manufacturers who wish to sell their products to the lucrative California market, having an NOx testing facility in Toronto that can rubber stamp their products for export presents a significant advantage.

“Our aim is to facilitate a speedier time to market for Canadian manufacturers seeking to sell their products into California,” said Travis Hardin, business development manager with UL’s HVAC division.

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