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Transport Canada issues recall for AT-AT Imperial walkers

The tongue-in-cheek safety bulletin cites the Star Wars battle vehicle's propensity to fail in cold weather

May 5, 2017  by Canadian Staff

OTTAWA—Transport Canada has issued a recall for All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) vehicles, saying the Imperial walkers could run into difficulty in cold climates, such as on the remote planet Hoth, or in Northern Canada.

Handed down May 4, the notice says the battle-ready vehicle’s laser cannon tracking and its ability to maintain balance could be marginalized in sub-zero conditions due to issues with its hydraulics.

According to Transport Canada, 10,000 Imperial vehicles are affected by the recall. It added that Imperial troops could be injured if the powertrain problem is not addressed.

Though the notice did cite Hoth as one climate the walkers could encounter difficulties, it did not draw a direct line between the recall and the attack on Echo Base, where the Rebel Alliance was able to achieve a strategic military victory over the Empire.


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