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Resounding success of Alberta energy rebates prompt second round

Along with discounts on efficient lightbulbs and shower heads, the program offers up to $3,500 off big purchases like windows, insulation, and tankless hot water heaters

September 29, 2017  by The Canadian Press

The program offers discounts on a range of home products to replacing less efficient lightbulbs and shower heads

CALGARY—The Alberta government is launching a second round of discounts on energy efficient products after the initial round proved wildly successful.

The instant rebates cover the same range of home products discounted in the first round of the program, including low-flow shower heads, LED lights, dimmer switches and smart power bars.

Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said the government decided to add a second round after the first round resulted in a 40,000 per cent surge in low-flow shower head sales and between 8,000 and 14,500 per cent increases in LED-type light sales.

Phillips said sales of energy efficient products in the first round totalled 4.3 million, resulting in energy savings of 420,000 gigajoules, which is enough energy to heat about 3,500 homes a year.


The government says the program, with each round costing about $14 million, discounts the products by about 25 per cent, with consumers covering the rest.

The efficiency program, which runs for four weeks in October, also includes home improvement rebates of up to $3,500 on products like windows, insulation, and tankless hot water heaters, and online rebates of up to $100 on some clothes washers, refrigerators, and smart thermostats.