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New Brunswick government agency offers lessons on how to roll a joint

The instructions on the Cannabis NB website include pictures and practical advice on cannabis use

October 15, 2018  The Canadian Press

PHOTO: Pixabay

FREDERICTON—It’s not exactly Cheech and Chong University, but New Brunswick’s government cannabis agency is offering lessons on how to roll a joint.

The Cannabis NB website includes a “Cannabis 101” section to teach people new to the recreational drug how to prepare it.

It says to break down your cannabis until it looks like the consistency of oregano—but adds “it should not smell like oregano, however.”

The instructions—which include pictures—say to “fill the centre of the rolling paper with your ground cannabis and distribute it evenly so that your joint does not resemble a hill, with a bulge in the middle.”


The website goes on to describe how to shape the joint, and ends with “finish and enjoy.”

Brian Harriman, president of Cannabis NB, offered his own advice Monday for new users of the drug: Take it slow.

“It is highly recommended that you start low and go slow with our products. Depending on the consumption method it can take up to two hours to feel the effects. They will impair your motor skills,” he said.

The website also has some advice if you have a severe reaction to cannabis. It says “don’t panic” and suggests finding some black pepper.

“Hear us out—scientific research tells us that cannabis and pepper have similar chemical traits. So if you’re experiencing any kind of paranoia or anxiety, try smelling or chewing on a few black peppercorns,” the website suggests.

It says you could also go for a walk, or have a nap.

And the website has lots of advice for keeping cannabis fresh. It says don’t overhandle it, and keep it in small containers, but not plastic bags.

“Plastic bags are full of static and static is no friend of cannabis. The static energy in plastic attracts the delicate trichomes and pulls them away from the flower,” it said.

And by the way, if you don’t know about trichomes, or other cannabis culture terms, the website includes a list of definitions.

Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick’s chief medical officer of health, took a slightly different tack Monday, warning cannabis use can be harmful.

“Using cannabis under the age of 25 can cause long lasting damage to the brain. Cannabis use by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers can cause health problems for the baby. Cannabis use can cause impairment of drivers,” she said.

Cannabis NB and its online store will be the only legal place to buy cannabis in New Brunswick. A individual can only have up to 30 grams on their person while outside the home.

There is no limit on how much cannabis you can have in your house, but it has to be secure and away from children.

The Cannabis NB website recommends using a vaporizer with oils, but it’s illegal to vape or smoke cannabis in a public place. It can only be consumed at home.