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Chinese rail engineer handed death sentence for taking bribes

The lesson here? Play by the rules when doing business in China

October 17, 2014  by The Associated Press

BEIJING—A Chinese court has sentenced a former top railways official to death with a two-year reprieve for taking nearly $8 million in bribes.

The Beijing No. 2 Intermediate Court announced the verdict Friday against Zhang Shuguang, formerly the deputy chief engineer for the now-defunct Railway Ministry. The court also confiscated all of Zhang’s personal assets.

Suspended death sentences are usually commuted to life imprisonment in China.

Zhang’s conviction comes more than a year after the former railway minister, Liu Zhijun, was convicted of corruption and received a suspended death sentence as part of a broader anti-graft campaign under President Xi Jinping.


Liu and Zhang oversaw the rapid expansion of high-speed rail in China but also fostered a vast and deeply corrupt ministry empire that ran its own courts and police.