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10 WTO member states denounce Trump’s ‘Buy American’ order

China and Taiwan have joined a number of traditional U.S. allies, including Canada, Isreal and the EU, in urging the U.S. to honour its WTO government procurement commitments

October 18, 2017  by The Associated Press

GENEVA—A Geneva trade official says China and Taiwan have joined many U.S. allies including Israel at the World Trade Organization to express concerns over a Trump administration executive order that seeks to maximize use of American-made goods, products and materials in government procurement.

The 10 WTO members, also including the European Union, Canada and Japan, also urged Washington to continue honouring the trade body’s “Government Procurement Agreement” adopted by Washington and 45 other countries that aims to promote fairer, freer access to government contracts.

The official said the countries took issue with the “Buy American and Hire American” executive order signed in April that lays out a policy aimed to “maximize” use of U.S.-made items in government procurement and assistance awards.