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Olymel invests $8.1M in Quebec sausage plant

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The meat processor's La Fernandière plant in Trois-Rivières, Que. will see reconfiguration of its production lines, the installation of an additional line and the creation of new storage and shipping areas

TROIS-RIVIÈRES, Que.—Quebec-based meat processor Olymel is investing $8.1 million in expanding its La Fernandière plant in Trois-Rivières, Que.

The plant’s surface area will be doubled from 24,000 sq. ft. to more than 45,000 sq. ft., gaining additional space both for its production operations and warehousing.

The expansion project has just begun and is scheduled for completion in December.

The La Fernandière plant produces and markets the La Fernandière brand sausages as well as fresh and breakfast sausages for Olymel, Lafleur and a number of private brands. The plant will also start making meatloaf again, a product that was discontinued, but for which Olymel says there is still demand.


The plant expansion work includes the reconfiguration of Olymel’s four current production lines, the addition of a fifth line and the creation of new spaces, including a 500-pallet storage room for frozen products and additional storage areas for raw and packing materials. The receiving and shipping areas will also be enlarged, while the sections housing the cafeteria and employee services will be relocated.

Olymel states this expansion will enable the company to consolidate 200 jobs while bringing the plant’s yearly production capacity from 14 to nearly 20 million kg.

The company also says that since it purchased the La Fernandière plant in June 2016, the number of employees has increased from 80 to over 200, and Olymel’s investment in the facility has reached more than $10 million.

“By making this major investment, La Fernandière is giving itself the means to better meet the ever-increasing demand of the sausage market segment,” said Olymel’s CEO Réjean Nadeau.


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