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Now Samsung warns of exploding washing machines

People are being advised to use only the delicate cycle when washing heavy items because the top load washers can become "dislodged"

September 30, 2016  by The Canadian Press

Samsung front-loading washer and dryer set. PHOTO: Samsung

Samsung front-loading washer and dryer set. PHOTO: Samsung

BETHESDA, M.d.—The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is advising people who bought certain Samsung washing machines to only use the delicate cycle when washing bedding, water-resistant and bulky items because of concerns about injury or property damage.

On its website, Samsung says people can enter their 15-digit serial number located at the rear of the washer to verify whether their washing machine is part of the notice.

“In rare cases, affected units may experience abnormal vibrations that could pose a risk of personal injury or property damage when washing bedding, bulky or water-resistant items,” the company said on its website.

The agency says the lower spin cycle lessens the risk of injuries or property damage due to the top-load washers becoming dislodged.


The commission says the machines were made between March 2011 and April 2016.

It says it is working with Samsung to address the safety issues.

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