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Newfoundland gives another $3.6M loan to seal processing plant

Government provided loan of same amount last year to Carino Processing; says it was paid back

March 27, 2013  by The Canadian Press

DILDO, N.L.—A seal processing plant in Newfoundland will get another $3.6-million loan from the provincial government this year.

Fisheries Minister Derrick Dalley says the money for Carino Processing Ltd. will allow the southeastern Newfoundland facility to buy seal pelts and blubber from this year’s hunt.

The government provided a loan of the same amount last year to Carino Processing which it says was paid back.

Dalley reiterated the government’s position that seal hunt is humane, a statement that animal welfare groups strongly contest.


The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has yet to set this year’s total allowable catch.

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