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Moosehead, Regina brewer set to spar over trademarked ungulate

East Coast beer maker says prairie brewery serves suds with a "confusingly similar" name

January 21, 2016  by Canadian Staff

REGINA—The name of a popular beer in Saskatchewan has attracted the attention of one of Canada’s major breweries, but not in a good way.

Moosehead Breweries of Ontario has informed Regina’s District Brewery that it opposes the name of District’s flagship beer, Mues Knuckle.

Moosehead says the name is confusingly similar to its own and infringes on its trademark name.

District Brewery president Jay Cooke say there is no photo of a moose on its product and the name with a German touch distinguishes it from Moosehead.


Cooke says all the right moves were conducted when it came to trademarking Mues Knuckle and his legal team is looking at options and deciding what to do.

Mues Knuckle has been on Saskatchewan shelves since 2013 and is now available across Western Canada.

Cooke says if Moosehead wants a fight, bring it on.

“We’re gonna have that good ole Saskatchewan approach of, you know what, we’re not going to let the big guys push us around. We’re going to stand up for ourselves and see where that takes us, but obviously we’re going to be prudent in our approach, at least from a business standpoint.”

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