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Hollister Biosciences announces licensing agreement with Tommy Chong

by CM Staff   

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The California cannabis firm is bringing a legendary pothead's product into its inventory

Tommy Chong (left), part of the cannabis-fueled comedy duo “Cheech and Chong.” PHOTO: cuarandera, via Creative Commons

California-based Hollister Biosciences Inc. has announced a licensing agreement with celebrity pothead Tommy Chong to manufacture and distribute a cannabis tincture.

Hollister says the tincture, branded Tommy Chong‘s Cannabis Full Spectrum Elixir 1:1, features a 1:1 ratio of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the psychoactive component of cannabis — to cannabidiol (CBD) — known for its medicinal properties.

PHOTO: Hollister Biosciences Inc.

The tincture is made from California-grown cannabis. It will be distributed exclusively by Hollister’s distribution partner, Indus Holdings Inc., and is anticipated to be in dispensaries throughout California by March. 1, 2020. Hollister is anticipating producing up to 25,000 units during the 1st 12 months of executing the agreement.

Tommy Chong said in a statement, “I only partner with the best-in-class companies and I am really pleased to have the Hollister Cannabis Co. bring their amazing Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Full Spectrum Elixir to the market for me.”


Hollister CEO, Carl Saling, added, “We are honored and excited to be partners with such a legendary and Iconic star as Tommy Chong. Tommy has experienced the medical benefits of cannabis and we are looking forward to working together to launch Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Full Spectrum Elixir into the California Legal Cannabis marketplace.”


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