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Gaz Metro stretching gas infrastructure network to Asbestos, Que.

7.4-kilometre project will connect industrial area to province's gas network

August 19, 2016  by Canadian Staff

ASBESTOS, Que.—Quebec natural gas supplier Gaz Métro has begun work on a 7.4-kilometre line extension project that will stretch its infrastructure into the southern Quebec town of Asbestos.

The utility company said the new pipeline route will connect to the existing line in nearby Danville, Que. and run along the Chemin Saint-Claude and Chemin Saint-Georges to serve an industrial area in Asbestos. Gaz Metro said about 20 businesses will benefit from the new line immediately and that the customers could save up to $200,000 in energy costs each year by using natural gas.

The federal government, as well as the town of Asbestos contributed $3.7 million to the project.

Work on the gas network expansion is expected to be complete by October.


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