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Catalytic convertors targeted by Edmonton-area thieves, cops say

by The Canadian Press   

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There have been 60 suspected thefts of pricey exhaust component over past year, according to police

EDMONTON—An expensive component in the exhaust system on pickup trucks has become a hot item for thieves in the Edmonton region.

Police say there have been 60 suspected thefts of catalytic converters over the past year, primarily involving North American-made trucks.

Diesel-powered models are particularly attractive to thieves but investigators are not sure where the parts are going, or whether they’re being sold in an underground market.

The component, which can cost thousands of dollars, converts pollutants into less harmful emissions before they leave the vehicle’s- exhaust system.


Scott Held, a spokesman for a Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Sherwood Park, says demand for the converters has outstripped the supply and victims may face a long wait for a replacement.

Police recommend truck owners park in a well-lit area and be aware of any suspicious activity around their vehicles.


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