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Arsonists torched planned US horse slaughterhouse, owner claims

by Jeri Clausing, The Associated Press   

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Operations Food & Beverage justice New Mexico

Meat from slaughterhouse would be used for food at zoos, shipped abroad for human consumption

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Arsonists set fire to the southeastern New Mexico company that planned to resume domestic horse slaughter next week, the company’s owner claims.

“They tried to burn the place down,” Valley Meat Co. owner Rick De Los Santo said in reference to opponents who have been making threats against the company over the past year as it has fought the federal government for permission to convert its cattle operations into a horse slaughterhouse.

Chaves County officials told the Roswell Daily Record they are investigating what they characterized as a “very suspicious” blaze.

Sheriff Rob Coon did not immediately return phone calls, but in the past he has expressed concern about potential trouble at the Roswell plant.


Attempts by companies like Valley Meat Co. to resume domestic horse slaughter have ignited an emotional national debate that has resulted in a string of threats against De Los Santos, his family and his business.

“We have had some say, ‘I hope your building burns down’,” De Los Santos said. “That’s not good at all. What are they going to do next? Take a pot shot at us when we are walking in?”

On July 27, De Los Santos said someone apparently jumped the fence, then poured an accelerant over the compressors to his refrigeration unit.

A passer-by alerted authorities.

“The fire inspector was out there,” De Los Santos said. “He took samples of the dirt and stuff just to make sure. But he said this was something that was not done by electricity or lightning. He said something was poured on it to light it.”

De Los Santos says the company will be unable to open as planned without a working refrigeration unit.

The company also goes to federal court this week to fight attempts by The Humane Society of the United States and other groups to block the opening of Valley Meat and another recently approved horse slaughterhouse in Iowa.

The groups contend that the Department of Agriculture (USDA) failed to conduct the proper environmental reviews before issuing the companies permits to slaughter horses.

The USDA also opposes horse slaughter.

But after being sued by Valley Meat Co. for failing to act on its application, the agency said it was obligated to issue the permits since Congress lifted a ban on domestic horse slaughter in 2011.

Meat from the slaughterhouses would be shipped to some countries for human consumption and for use as zoo and other animal food.


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