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Yumy Bear Goods announces increase in production capacity

by CM Staff   

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Yumy Bear continues to expand its operations nationwide in the confectionery space.

VANCOUVER — Yumy Bear Goods Inc., a low sugar plant-based confectionery company, announced that they have successfully secured an increase in manufacturing capacity from 500,000 gummies per month to 1,000,000 gummies per month.

“We are thrilled with the positive response we have received from the initial launch of our products and due to supply constraints, we have secured this increase in our manufacturing capacity to ensure we have the ability to scale up to meet our expected demand. The rate in which Yumy Bear has grown over the past few months has been incredible and we assume we will need to expand our capacity even further in the near future,” states Erica Williams, founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Yumy Bear continues to expand its operations nationwide in the confectionery space. As production ramps up, Yumy Bear seeks to attain a strong market share position in the better-for-you category, which targets a broad customer profile, specifically those looking to reduce their sugar consumption or choose plant-based.

“The better-for-you space has been one of the most explosive sectors in the food and beverage industry. We feel there will be continued growth and expansion as we see consumers choosing the healthier option in their food consumption. Yumy Bear is the first low sugar confectionary company to go public on the stock exchange and we are proud to be a pioneer in the confectionary space as well as in the public markets,” states Cassidy McCord, Chief Corporate Officer.

“Over the last period we have been receiving a significant amount of inquiries from big box retailers and major distributor parties wanting to work with Yumy Bear. Our goal will be to secure contracts and shelf space with all of these parties,” states Jean-Paul Eleizegui, National Director of Sales.


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