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Worksport growing workforce by expanding its R&D department

by CM Staff   

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Leadership is in discussions with a Canadian technological institute to form a collaborative partnership for current and future developments.

TORONTO — Worksport Ltd is providing an update on its recent hiring with respect to the Company’s lean practices.

To propel Worksport to further growth, the Company has decided to onboard several new hires and build out its R&D department. Two full-time industrial engineers, an industrial designer with specialties in 3D modeling and interactive preparation, as well as two advisory engineers – both of whom are professors from Canadian colleges who have led product evolution cycles in their respective mechanical and electrical fields. As well, the team is in the process of filling other necessary positions including factory technicians, managers, and onsite office staff for its newly leased Canadian facility, along with marketing managers, customer service representatives, and notable strategic expansion of the Company’s business development department.

Leadership is in discussions with a Canadian technological institute – with ties to General Motors and its newest EV – to form a collaborative partnership for current and future developments. Worksport will announce any partnerships as they become material and definitive.

Considering the multifaceted nature embedded in each project on Worksport’s roadmap, building teams with diverse sets of skills is vital for the Company to grow the business. These talents will ensure their respective departments are always in lockstep with one another, setting the stage for Worksport to execute without a hitch as the Company attempts to grow more substantial projects. From conceptual product visualization and prototyping to building and scaling robust systems that meet specific E3 compliance standards across consumer, aerospace, commercial, and military applications, Worksport is focused on realizing increased value for stakeholders, investors, and shareholders alike.


Worksport CEO Steven Rossi comments, “Worksport is progressing at breakneck speed, and for our industry-disrupting and game-changing innovations to come to fruition and mature effectively, we are putting forth a very strategic, concerted effort to leverage our value and momentum to their fullest extent to launch TerraVis and diligently manage future developments from R&D.”

In this drive, the Company has already invested in manufacturing systems and scanners with respective software. Worksport Ltd. develops and manufactures tonneau covers and solar-powered systems for light-duty trucks such as the Sierra, Silverado, Canyon, RAM, Ford F-Series, et al. as well as consumer adventures & emergency/ disaster-recovery purposes, where portable energy is a necessity.


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