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Worksport announces Thomas DiNanno has been named to its Advisory Board

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His experience and expertise are intended to influence the Company’s ongoing efforts in the government sector.

Worksport Appoints Hudson Institute Adjunct Fellow, Mr. Thomas DiNanno, to Advisory Board

MISSISSAUGA — Worksport Ltd. has appointed Mr. Thomas DiNanno, a Hudson Institute Adjunct Fellow, to its Advisory Board. During Mr. DiNanno’s career, he has held several U.S. Government positions with focuses in areas of national security and infrastructure. His experience and expertise are intended to influence the Company’s ongoing efforts in the government sector.

“Worksport and Terravis Energy are a unique combination of innovation, and I am excited to help bring these innovative technologies to help improve America’s infrastructure,” states Mr. DiNanno.

Mr. DiNanno is a contributing advisor to Hudson Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization that guides public policy makers and global leaders in government and business through publications, conferences, policy briefings, and recommendations. Prior to joining Hudson Institute, he served as a professional staff member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence as well as acting Assistant Secretary of State of the Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Bureau from 2018-2021.

Mr. DiNanno has served in several key government capacities, including Assistant Administrator for the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where he oversaw National Preparedness initiatives and grants focused on counterterrorism.


Worksport Chief Executive Officer, Steven Rossi comments, “We are excited to work with Mr. DiNanno as we explore integrations of all Worksport and Terravis Energy products into U.S. Government markets as well as existing and future U.S. Government fleet programs. We look forward to engaging in efforts to develop comprehensive government services lines of business, demonstrate our clean energy solutions, and support future U.S. Government product development.”


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