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Westport to invest millions in global manufacturing facility in Changzhou Hydrogen Valley

by CM staff   

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The Westport facility is planned to be in operation in 2024

Photo: Westport Fuel Systems.

VANCOUVER and CHANGZHOU —Westport Fuel Systems Inc., plans to expand its global manufacturing footprint in China in support of future growth of Westport’s hydrogen componentry business and other alternative fuel system technologies. The investment agreement provides for the City of Changzhou to build the hydrogen innovation centre and manufacturing facility in the Changzhou Hydrogen Valley.

Westport’s plan to invest up to $10 million USD over the next ten years to enable production of established hydrogen componentry and support hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

“Westport’s GFI-branded hydrogen fuel system components have had a strong presence in the Chinese marketplace for over ten years, these components support both fuel cell and internal combustion engine applications that use hydrogen fuel,” said David M. Johnson, CEO, Westport Fuel Systems. “The city of Changzhou is dedicated to becoming the capital of new energy industries, making them an ideal partner for growth and providing the opportunity to establish manufacturing excellence on a regional basis, which in turn supports our global customers accelerating hydrogen as a prevailing low-emission transportation solution.”

Under the terms of the investment agreement, Westport and Changzhou will design and construct a manufacturing facility for hydrogen fuel systems, and office spaces  to meet Westport’s advanced manufacturing requirements. The Changzhou site is expected to include a contemporary innovation centre that will focus on hydrogen solutions.



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