Canadian Manufacturing

Welcome to the Canadian Manufacturing Daily

by Michael Ouellette   


Welcome to the inaugural Canadian Manufacturing Daily, a newsletter serving Canada’s industrial sector in a way no other news source is able to replicate.

We are lean. We are nimble. We hustle.

We move with the same urgency your company must maintain to stay ahead of global competition. We endeavor to bring you the trusted market intelligence you require to make optimum decisions on the hair-trigger timelines you so often face.

The Canadian Manufacturing Daily will bring you breaking news within hours of it happening.


We will distill reams of technical data to give you the intuitive details you need on the sophisticated new technology, processes and strategies that will save you money and win you new business.

Our team of 11 editors, each an expert in a different sector of Canada’s industrial economy, will bring you what you need to know about all facets of your business–from management to the shop floor to the shipping dock and beyond.

We will have smart commentary and thoughtful opinion that drive the debate on all issues facing Canada’s manufacturers and the industries that support you.

With your participation we will move the issues facing Canadian manufacturers into the spotlight. We invite you to read our stories, vote on our polls and send us your comments.

Being engaged with us has never been easier and with your help we can make this a community with a more unified voice. Where it’s made is where it’s at.


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