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Wampole launches a new 100% recyclable bottle

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The new bottles are also manufactured at Wampole's facilities in Quebec.

Wampole launches new bottles made from 100% recycled materials

BOUCHERVILLE — Wampole announces the launch of new bottles made from 100% recycled materials for its natural products and nutritional supplements. The company is taking actions to reduce its ecological footprint with this greener packaging. With the gradual introduction of these new bottles to the market, Wampole is aiming to commercialize 30% of its products in packaging made from recycled materials by the end of 2021.

The new bottles are also made in Canada and will be packaged at Wampole’s facilities in Quebec. The company is promoting local sourcing for its packaging, trying to stimulate the Canadian economy and reducing the ecological footprint of its products.

Several Wampole products are already available online and in pharmacies in these new ecological bottles. The “ECO — bottle made from recycled materials” logo has been developed to allow consumers to easily identify these products when making their purchases.

Wampole’s decision to offer environmentally friendly packaging and to support local procurement is part of its sustainability approach. The company named three key areas in its environmental approach: ecological packaging, local manufacturing and packaging, and continuous improvement.


To support its environmental approach, Wampole has set specific targets. By 2025, the company will work towards the following targets:

  • Commercializing 75% of its products in ecological packaging;
  • Removing most cardboard boxes for products already packaged in a plastic bottle;
  • Giving preference to local suppliers whenever possible.

“Providing natural health products in bottles made from 100% recycled materials seemed like an obvious first step in our environmental approach. We offer products that help maintain the health of consumers, which is intimately linked to the health of our planet.” said Louis-Philip Vermeersch, General Manager, Wampole.


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