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Vision Marine’s update on E-Motion Powertrain

by CM Staff   

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Vision Marine has partnered with Nextfour Solutions and Octillion Power Systems as part of recent enhancements to their electric boats.

MONTREAL — Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. says it has secured partnerships regarding the production and associated supply chain of its E-Motion™ 180E electric powertrain system.

In order to secure orders from original equipment manufacturers, Vision Marine completed a Manufacture & Supply agreement with Linamar/McLaren Engineering. McLaren’s product development team will manufacture and assemble the Company’s E-Motion™ technology through testing, parts, tooling development, and designing the union assembly for large scale production of Vision Marine’s electric outboard motor at Linamar’s facility in Canada.

Vision Marine also executed a partnership with Octillion Power Systems. Vision Marine says this partnership will give the company exclusive use of Octillon’s high density battery — one designed and manufactured solely for the boating industry.

The new battery pack will be smaller than a typical ICE fuel tank, which will give Vision Marine’s boats the capability to rig any boat between 18 and 30 feet.


Vision Marine has also partnered with Nextfour Solutions to develop a customized multifunctional centre console display to be integrated within Vision Marine’s E-Motion™ 180E powertrain system.

The “Q Display” will integrate the onboard computer, mobile connectivity, weather forecasts, sea charts, regular software updates, and an entertainment system into an all in one “plug and play” device.






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