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Venables to distribute Thordon’s industrial bearings

by CM Staff   

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The manufacturing and machining firm will focus on Thordon’s SXL and XL polymer bearings and engineered thermoplastics

Aerial view of Venables shops. PHOTO: Venables

BURLINGTON, Ont. — Venables Machine Works Ltd. has been appointed as an authorized distributor and service provider for Thordon Bearings’ industrial bearings.

Thordon, based in Burlington, Ont., makes designs and manufactures oil- and grease-free, self-lubricating journal bearings, seals and wear pads.

The distribution deal with Venables, a manufacturing and machining firm based in Saskatoon, follows a 10-year collaboration with Thordon providing sales and engineering support bearing customers across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Venables will focus on Thordon’s SXL and XL polymer bearings and engineered thermoplastics, ThorPlas-Blue and ThorPlas-White.


“Venables is adept at machining and engineering Thordon’s elastomeric material and, therefore, a logical choice to further develop the area and create new opportunities in new markets that Thordon has not traditionally had access to,” said Scott Groves, Thordon Bearings’ regional manager, in a prepared statement.

The company has recently completed several pump retrofit projects with Thordon’s bearings and has been involved in a bid for large turbine bushings and fabrications.

Typical applications for Thordon’s technology are waste water and sewage treatment systems; grapples or grabs; vertical pumps; hydro turbine bearings; mining systems, such as car rocker arms and wheel bearings; agricultural systems; doctor and mixer bushings in the pulp and paper/forestry sector; cranes and hoists; stackers, reclaimers and bucket scoops; and gate and door bushings.


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