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Understanding how Marketing Automation works

Leading manufacturers are realizing the benefits of MA to help them stay in touch with customers and prospects

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Marketing Automation (MA) is one of the more recent tools introduced to help marketers improve their efficiency and better generate leads and keep customers informed.

Manufacturing has been capitalizing on the benefits of automation for decades. Now in 2017, leading manufacturers are realizing the benefits of MA; simple solutions that can consistently help them stay in touch with customers and prospects.

In short, MA has provided the manufacturing industry with the tools to help attract, capture and convert more leads through their websites.

There are three main components that Marketing Automation brings to the table:

The best way we have found to show manufacturers the intrinsic value of MA is by identifying their struggles.

“Most of the manufacturers we work with have folders, files or drawers full of past quotes and proposals that they didn’t win, and the question is how to squeeze some business out of those opportunities.”

By combining those “lost opportunities” with any dormant or occasional customers, the manufacturer actually has a significant starting point for an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign. Most of those contacts already know, and to some degree trust, the manufacturer’s business, eliminating the need to overcome any credibility hurdles a new business approach might face.

We can put them on a drip email campaign and sprinkle in some direct mail to re-acclimate this base of potential business. Then, by using the lead scoring feature built into the MA platform, we can clearly identify which leads are interested based on their interactions with the online content.

Now, the sales team can shorten its close cycle by going after the most engaged prospects. Manufacturers love to hear how we can help their salespeople prioritize efforts and improve efficiency, as they’re often frustrated with the “order-taking” mentality their sales teams have fallen into.

Multi-Channel Marketing: A Winning Approach

Effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is all about using MA and other tools to generate statistics and evaluate performance. This allows MoreSALES to constantly assess and refine strategies, and it gives CEOs a tremendous taste of how measurable and effective marketing can be.

Another important factor of SEM is that it’s not just about having one lead channel – it’s about building many channels that work together to form a continuous and sustainable pipeline of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). MA is the engine that amalgamates these channels and helps you manage and optimize your sales pipeline.

Multi-channel marketing is built largely on these three components:


This allows manufacturers to track lead sources, automate communications, nurture prospects, and determine which ones can be passed to sales. Many manufacturers have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system used by the sales team for current customers and leads and a separate email marketing platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp that the marketing team uses to prospect and incubate leads. MA incorporates sales and marketing into an integrated system where they can both work in sync to maximize results.


The right skills need to be in place to develop and maintain a winning SEM strategy that will produce repeatable results within a defined budget. While some manufacturers have marketing staff most do not have this in-house resource so MA fills this gap nicely.

Process Improvement
Companies need to optimize and streamline the processes they use to handle and qualify their leads. The first step is usually to define what makes a MQL. This is critical, as it makes lead costs more measurable, informs us if there are missing pieces in the organization (do you need inside sales to pre-qualify leads?), and reduces the complaints that typically arise over lead quality.

MA drives and tracks the right process improvements (through A/B Testing and side-by-side campaign comparisons) and enables the company to deliver more of those MQLs to sales.

Effective marketing is about rapid iteration – getting good results quickly and then using those results to fuel the next layer of business development. Rapid iteration is made possible when you have the right tools to help you measure results and refine your processes. Not having a rich set of analytics capabilities is like being a carpenter without a measuring tape – you’ve got some of the tools to get the job done, but no way to measure your results. And remember, in the marketing world, these tools are changing constantly, so it’s important to be constantly on the alert for new ones to ensure you’re delivering the most value.

Marketing Automation can dramatically improve online lead generation and help convert that traffic into MQLs to be passed to the sales team.

If you would like to learn more about modern on-line lead generation techniques and methodologies book a FREE (no obligation) online demonstration of the MoreSALES Marketing Automation Platform and increase your sales lead generation by 15% or more in three months.

About the Author
As the founder and president of MoreSALES, Mike Jennings has a passion for marketing and brings 30 years of experience to support and guide his B2B clients. A perpetual learner, he’s driving his firm to be at the forefront of online marketing.

About MoreSALES for Manufacturers
For more than 12 years, MoreSALES has created and implemented sales and marketing initiatives throughout Canada and the US for its B2B manufacturing clients. In 2012, the niche firm located just outside of Toronto turned its focus to online marketing, including marketing automation, content marketing and, most recently, video marketing. With a track record for delivering MQLs to its clients’ sales teams, MoreSALES enjoys consistent growth through referrals and reputation.

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